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Static vs dynamic site. What is better for SEO?

Static vs dynamic site. What is better for SEO?

Do you know the difference between a static and a dynamic site and how does this affect your digital marketing strategies? You are thinking of creating a new site and positioning yourself at the top of the search engines. But you have doubts about a static or dynamic version.

Below you can discover the main advantages and disadvantages of using the two versions. And which one you should choose for a good SEO positioning:

On the one hand, it is advisable to choose a static site if:

  • The only thing you want is to have an internet presence.
  • You don't think you're making big changes.
  • The content is fixed and with few sections.

A dynamic site is better in the case of:

  • Constant updates and additions.
  • News insertions, database generation.
  • The objective of interaction with visitors.

1.- Static site

It is the typical corporate website with which a company, a product, or a service is presented. It is functionally very basic and with little programming aside from a contact form. It is mainly programmed in languages ??such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript, although CMS platforms can also be used. A post is a static page in fact, updatable but static.

Those created in HTML have no development on the server since they require neither a database nor an element that processes the server language, such as PHP or Java. The files are simply uploaded to the server and the page works as it was created.

The static concept is typical of a site that does not update frequently or with a long periodicity.

2.- Dynamic site

This is the evolution of the static site where users stop being passive to turn into active. Thus they participate and contribute to creating, supporting, and forming part of the companies and/or communities, both locally and globally, which inform each other, communicate and generate knowledge and content.

This type of site is based on a CMS ( Content Management System ). The most used language in this type of platform is PHP and the most used database is MySQL.

As for the server it has to be done to work with the database and a PHP processor. In addition to various levels of cache to optimize the sending of web pages from the server.

Static vs dynamic site

In reality, HTML is the programming language that aims to develop the structure of the site and to give shape to the text and images you want them to be displayed. With this language you can introduce links, change the size and fonts of texts, insert images, etc. but you cannot, for example, create a contact form or manage a database.

It is quite limited when conceiving a large site or portal. For this, it was necessary to implement another type of language that answers the questions of the different browsers.

And that allows automating the different functions that the page offers.

With this language, you can create your company data or a complex portal with every type of function, a blog, an online store, or a booking center from a simple information site. You will be able to save customer data and send smart emails.

It will also allow you to interact with users, which greatly favors the effectiveness of the page to attract customers.

What is better for SEO?

Google's constant changes to improve the results offered by its engine force you to forget the term static site because you have to rely on continuous strategies.

If you want to appear at the top and create a web page with good SEO, don't make the mistake of believing that you will keep your position for years without making changes and improvements to adapt the site to the needs of the engine.

Google is the largest engine that currently exists although it is not the only one. Among the three major current engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it has a market share of 74.71%. That is, Google manages nearly three-quarters of total positioning activities.

Seeing these statistics, it is obvious to think that all efforts, except in exceptional cases, must be focused on getting, from the beginning, that your site ranks first. And attract the most visitors who use the engine.

Factors affecting static vs. dynamic site decision

1.- Updates

In this case, it is obvious that you should opt for a dynamic page. Static pages do not update frequently. Especially because you should use a web editor to make these changes and have knowledge of HTML. In addition to an FTP program to upload the modified archives to the server. If not, you should use a maintenance service which is obviously expensive.

On the contrary, if you use a CMS platform the update process will be simpler and you will not have to enter the server. You yourself can change the graphics, content or presentation of the page as you wish. So it will depend on you.

2.- New content

No of the secrets you need to consider to improve or maintain your site's ranking is that Google rewards new content. If you publish fresh content on a regular basis on your site, your pages will be reevaluated. In general, the positioning will improve faster.

Once the site is published and indexed on the engines, the spiders and robots will know that you exist. And they will visit your site to find out if you have published new content to index on engines.

In this case, a dynamic page will be better positioned. A good idea is to insert a blog on your site where you can publish articles with a certain periodicity. Thus, the regular followers interested in your topics will follow you and help you improve your positioning.

3.- Size of the content update

According to Google, the amount of text you edit in already indexed content has value in terms of positioning. That is, publish a post on 'how to make money with a blog' tomorrow and in a month add another 2500 words. This will be an important signal that will re-index the text and this affects the positioning itself.

Updating the content you have will force the spiders to visit you assiduously, updating the Google database. This will significantly improve the ranking of your site. Another reason to choose a dynamic site.

4.- Speed ??of page loading

The site code should be optimized. The shorter loading time affects your content and positioning. Another of the relevant factors that the engine uses when it has to establish the ranking of a site. In this case, if your HTML code is clean, the page will load faster than a static site.

5.- Multimedia content

Google likes to text. Nonetheless, a good way to enrich the content of a page and make it more positionable is to introduce other content formats such as multimedia, such as videos.

Also, the advantage of using videos is that the SERP results pages have an area in the upper part dedicated to YouTube videos. And, on many occasions, it is empty. Multimedia content can be inserted in the two types of pages.

6.- Code errors or incompatible plugins

Be careful of HTML errors on your pages. A simple code error, a parenthesis, a comma, etc. can make a page not visible correctly. Using a CMS is more difficult for this to happen. Although the use of some plugins to implement the page can create errors.

In general, it is easier to delete a plugin than to examine all the HTML code. Especially if you're not a programmer.

7.- Value content and unique ideas

Google has come to declare that it is on the hunt for those sites that bring absolutely nothing new to users. Something you need to consider to establish the value of your site. And in this case, there are few differences between static and dynamic sites.

8.- Site architecture

A well-organized page at the structure level is awarded by Google. Again, with a CMS like WordPress or Blogger, this task is easier.

9.- Comments on the page

It is another of the relevant factors. Or at least that's what you believe. The more comments from different IPs, the more likely you are to position yourself better. Another point in favor of dynamic sites.

10.- Number of times the page is shared

The Social Shares. When they are present on a page and the page has interesting links, they have more value and strength. So Google takes great consideration in receiving links from sites whose content has been shared on social networks.

11.- Higher CTR for a key in the search results

The pages that are clicked the most in the SERP for a specific content manager to improve SEO positioning for the main keyword of this content in particular.

Static pages, in general, have a limited number of pages ( home, who we are, services, products, contacts ). The chances of clicks are lower than on a dynamic site.

The amount of pages on your site is a factor of slight relevance but is considered by Google. As pages, the number of distinct URLs is identified. So, for example, if you have a blog with 12 articles and a home page, your blog will have a total of 13 pages. It is also a useful metric and considered by Google to select pages that do not bring value.

12.- Unfriendly URLs

Unfriendly URLs are those generated dynamically by the CMS or which contain special characters or technical parameters. SEO friendly URLs contain keywords and are easy to read and understand by search engines and users. Why it is important to make your site easy to index and to position itself must have SEO friendly URLs.

What site do you need?

The evolution of web page graphics has gone through three phases:

  1. Static site.

  2. Flash animated site.

  3. Dynamic site.

If you are thinking of updating your static site or creating a new one, consider the option to use a content management platform. The only disadvantage of dynamic hosting over static hosting is that the hosting service will be a little more expensive.

The advantage is that you will save money because you will not need a maintenance service to update your site. And, importantly, you will get more interaction with your users, you will know what they want, what they are looking for. And you will find their opinions and their comments, indispensable conditions for growing your business.

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Gurbaj Singh

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