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Standing Desk Guide: Measurements, Examples and Benefits

Standing Desk Guide: Measurements, Examples and Benefits

Standing work areas, stand up work areas and sit stand work areas are rapidly picking up fame at home and at work. In light of the quantity of individuals getting some information about standing work areas, we would venture to such an extreme as to state that 2011 will be the Year of the Stand Up Desk. 

We've stirred our way through different stand up work areas and completely love the capacity to sit or remain at a similar workspace. On the off chance that you need to begin, we welcome you to standup and figure out how to begin with a standup work area. We'll share the advantages of standing up while working, the estimations you are focusing on and a portion of our preferred standing and sit stand work areas. 

Update: Check out our Ergotron WorkFit S Review with video and adornments. 

Benefits of a Standing Desk

  • Beside the capacity to move while you work, standing work areas offer various advantages including more unhealthy consume and better ergonomics. Both of these add to a more beneficial you. We'll impart a few apparatuses and assets to you underneath, yet as somebody who has utilized a standing work area through the Black Friday and Christmas season I can share two things. 
  • Working while at the same time standing forestalls that slouched over stance that hits toward the finish of a taxing day, prompting better back wellbeing. 
  • The additional calorie consume makes a difference. By what other method would I be able to drop a couple of pounds over the Christmas season with a consistent convergence of treats and no an ideal opportunity to run. 
  • Working in a right ergonomic position will assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from a large number of agonies which plague PC laborers, and a sit stand work area like the Workfit S permits you to change your situation for the duration of the day to dodge muscle weakness. 
  • Standing up consumes a recognizable measure of calories consistently, 276 for a 200 pound individual in 6 hours, which prompts a more beneficial life. Ergotron's Just Stand site has a number cruncher which will assist you with making sense of what number of calories you will consume by standing while you work, which is a decent motivation. 

An ongoing report found that grown-up guys that sat more, were bound to bite the dust from coronary illness. In the event that that doesn't propel you to escape your seat, we don't have a clue what will. 

Standing Desk Measurements 

In the event that you need to begin utilizing a standup work area, you can without much of a stretch make your own work area with things you have close by to perceive how you like standing while you work. So as to begin, you have to get the correct estimations for your standing work area. Since the estimations fluctuate from dependent on tallness, we suggest you utilize the Comfortable Computing Initiative Workspace Planner Tool to locate the correct estimations for your standing work area. 

The Workspace Planner Tool will permit you to see where your screen, console and elbows ought to be in a legitimate ergonomic arrangement, custom fitted to your tallness, the inclination to sit or stand and utilization of bifocals. You should simply enter your tallness and begin arranging. 

Standing Desk Measurements – Workspace Planning 

How to Make a Quick DIY Standing Desk

On the off chance that you need to begin with a standing workspace today, you simply need a few books, milk cartons or boxes to manufacture your own impermanent standing workspace. We made our clench hand stand up work area with an assortment of old yearbooks and a piece board as appeared beneath from our DIY standing work area. 

DIY Standing work area with books 

Different clients have decided to utilize milk cartons or tough boxes to lift thier real work area off the ground. These arrangements are helpful for evaluating a standup work area, however we found that we before long needed a progressively changeless looking work area. 

Sit Stand Desks you can Buy

Ergotron Workfit S – $399 – Sit Stand Desk that associates with your current work area and works with various setups. WorkFit S Review. 

Ergotron Workfit C – $899 – Sit Stand Desk that has wheels to permit make a trip from space to room. WorkFit C Review. 

Anthro Elevate – Start at $2,849 – Sit stand work areas that raise and lower with the press of a catch. 

GeekDesk – Starts at $749 – The GeekDesk Mini permits you to control how high your work area is with a worked in charge and is substantially more reasonable than the Anthro work areas. 

Official Stand Up Desk – Starts at $1,995 – These standing work areas are intended to take a gander at home in an official office for the CEO that need's to fire holding up. 

DIY Standing Desks

Ikea Hacked Standup Desk - $260 – If you are eager to remain at the work area constantly, this hacked Ikea work area is the most delightful looking standing work area we have seen. It includes huge amounts of capacity and bunches of workspace which is an immense in addition to. Head over to IkeaHackers to discover how it was made. 

Via timothybohen

MDF Standing Desk – Flickr client timothybohen has made this stunning looking standing work area from MDF sheets. You can see the work in improvement over on Flickr. 

DIY Standing work area 2 

DIY Pine Table Standing Desk – This DIY pine standing work area may leave a journal hanging off the edge, yet it is lovely and it has a pleasant hassock to assist you with switching up positions for the duration of the day. 

Standing Desk with Storage – A high quality work area shouldn't be costly. It tends to be as modest as a rack darted to the divider as appeared in this extraordinary lookign work area we found on Flickr by means of Unpluggd. 

Standing Conference Table – Why limit the remaining to your office. This standup gathering table has a leg rest and permits you to hold standup gatherings. We're sold.

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