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Solving Big Data Problem While Migrating To Cloud

Solving Big Data Problem While Migrating To Cloud

For many organizations, cloud computing is now an actuality of life. It's established a prominence as the solution to achieving maximum agility, pace, versatility, and scalability from the past few years. The advantages and benefits of cloud technologies, such as big data, are well recorded and documented. Organizations and businesses that adopt them can scale up and scale down their data storage and compute capacity as needed. It offers new and modern level versatility for dynamic and powerful workloads, facilitating the business or organization to take advantage of new data types or new business opportunities without making enormous commitments and responsibilities to infrastructure.

With recent research and studies, it was revealed that roughly 42% of corporations operating or working in the UK have some specific type of cloud service in position, adoption, and enactment levels aren't set or established to reduce down anytime forthwith.

While numerous organizations or corporations are already experiencing and encountering the advantages or privileges of migrating their data/information to the cloud. Some are considering or contemplating how to catch it up a notch by advancing and introducing big data within the mix.

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Cloud computing and big data are robust, influential advancements and improvements in technology when deemed and analyzed independently. When cited and put up together; they could give or proffers a business a competitive edge. Although the benefits or privileges they both offer could be tremendous, migrating or relocating big data to the cloud is not without its tests and a lot of challenges.

Can We Say Big Data = Big Problem?

When it arrives at relocating or migrating to the cloud, big data can pose or act as a significant and prominent problem/concern for many different organizations or companies.

As because of its tremendous and extensive processing power requirement, big data has traditionally been processed and prepared on-premise. Its complexity indicates that companies and organizations can still discover or find it hard and challenging even to begin to visualize transferring or migrating to a different/complex environment.

One of the foremost and primary challenges or hurdle businesses and corporations necessitate facing or address is the transition from a physical to a virtual foundation or infrastructure. In order to do this efficiently and effectively, connectivity within many different data or information sources is critical and much necessary. Businesses and organizations need to make sure that they can migrate or relocate their big data to the cloud whilst running their on-premise systems as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. They also necessitate being sure that many different techniques and applications can connect and unite following the migration to make sure the smooth and continuous flow of data or information – unless, they risk impacting and striking overall business or organization productivity and even downtime.

Once this step is finished and terminated, organizations or businesses often encounter another issue/problem. For many of them, migrating or relocating to the cloud can bring or deliver a sense of loss of control; particularly when compared and linked to on-premise. It is on the whole because you have less immediate or direct contact with your data or information and is a problem/issue frequently exaggerated or magnified when considering and analyzing big data. A good big data hadoop developer will help to comprise sensitive data or information that may include individuals' data or information, such as employees and clients/customers. Many acknowledgements to regulations and conditions such as the GDPR, guaranteeing and securing this data or information is retained; hold protected has never been much more relevant and critical to evade financial fines and reputational loss or damage.

However, these two challenges should not impede big data to the cloud. The agitation or concern is so often connected or linked with them indicates it can be difficult and challenging to get the entire company on board. Frequently, some members of the c-suite will require or demand reassurance to buy into the idea of migrating or relocating this data/information. Enter data/information virtualization: the missing or lost link when it arrives to cloud migration.

Unfastening The Advantages/Benefits

Data virtualization has the possibility or potential to encourage and assist organizations or businesses in overcoming the panic that frequently reigns when it arrives in migrating or relocating big data to the cloud.

By generating or producing a single, logical and relevant perspective of all business data/information, no matter what or where it resides and without having to counterfeit data/information in a physical repository, it empowers businesses or organizations to overcome connectivity and protection difficulties.

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This single perspective grants businesses or organizations with the power to monitor and handle connectivity and performance within many different sources throughout the migration platforms. For instance, when a data/information source is transferred to the cloud, the virtualization course will render redirection by reconfiguring the virtual system, signifying no obligation to reconfigure usage or applications manually. It saves and protects resources that conclusively save or protect on financial expenditure.

Likewise, besides, from a safety and security standpoint, when ample data is in the cloud environment, this single layer concedes a full illustration of data/information sources, that can assist and support companies to more adequately protect their most confidential data/information and meet or observe to the most advanced and latest regulatory models, without reshaping or impacting the overall execution of operations.

Is It Relevant To Conclude Big Data = Big Opportunity?

Moving and relocating big data to the cloud has numerous advantages or benefits. The cloud's scalable context or ecosystem is notably more cost-effective and efficient. It could be used or employed to develop and enhance the agility, execution, and scalability of business or organization operations. Data virtualization is developing and rising as a solution to encourage organizations or businesses to take to the next level. When it arrives to cloud migration or to relocate, data/information virtualization has the power and potential to switch the big data dilemma into an ample data opportunity.

Author Biography.

James Warner
James Warner

James Warner is a Business Analyst / Business Intelligence Analyst as well as experienced programming and Software Developer with Excellent knowledge on Hadoop/Big data analysis, testing and deployment of software systems at NexSoftSys

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