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Making eCommerce Search faster with Apache Solr

Making eCommerce Search faster with Apache Solr

eCommerce Business is booming these days because a lot of businesses are moving digital and are having their Website or Mobile App. Having an eCommerce shop online is like having a worldwide store, and people can shop from it while being on any corner of this earth. eCommerce Shop owners are getting a worldwide audience for their business and selling their products and services worldwide. Just when you hire a mobile app development company or eCommerce shop developer, such things will be possible for your business.

But, some eCommerce shop owners are not getting enough conversion just because the customer cannot find the right product or the product they are looking for. So, when the customer finds the exact product he/she is looking for, they are most likely to make a purchase for that product. So, making your product appear in the user’s search results is quite important if you want to make more conversions.

To make your products and services appear in the search results, there are many search engines in the market. Some businesses don’t implement a dedicated search engine and use just normal search algorithms. Some companies implement a dedicated search engine on their website or mobile app and are getting quite impressive results. As soon as the user types something in the search bar, relevant search results will pop up when you have implemented a proper and dedicated search engine.

Famous Enterprise Search Technologiesh

Many search engines in the market claim to be the best, but Enterprise search has proven its worth in providing search results and maintaining the data index. Enterprise search in the future holds quite many possibilities, and hence Enterprise search could be the factor that uplift your business by just empowering your searching system. So far, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Algolia, Coveo, etc., have earned good name in the market. We will see the Apache Solr search engine throughout this blog.

Apache Solr is an open-source search engine built to deliver performance. Apache Solr can deliver impressive performance for eCommerce websites, as it can fetch the requested data from multiple sources in a fraction of a second. 

How Apache Solr empowers eCommerce Search

Blazing Fast Searching with Indexing

As soon as the user hits the search button, it will provide them with all the relevant search results. Apache Solr indexes all the data properly, so when the user searches for something, it can provide them with blazing fast and relevant search results. So, whenever one implements Apache Solr as the search engine, they are likely to get faster and accurate search results and get more conversion!

Rich Auto-complete Feature

Apache Solr also provides you with a rich auto-complete feature, which means, as soon as the user enters something in the search bar, it will automatically display relevant search suggestions, and the user won’t have to type his/her entire search query. This reduces a user's task of typing something that he wants, and that improves user experience. So, user experience also helps convert more customers.

Powerful Recommendation

Based on user behavior, Apache Solr learns the user’s likes and dislikes. So, while browsing the eCommerce website, the user also makes the search engine learn his likes and dislikes, and based on the user’s interests, it will send the user some recommendation for products and services which users are most likely to love. For example, if the user is frequently searching for sports items, then the search engine will recommend products like Soccer Ball, Sports Tshirts, etc., according to the user's interest.

Faceted Search

Apache Solr also provides the facility of faceted search, which means the search can be categorized into a particular category. For example, when a user enters a search query like ‘Black Tshirt,’ then Apache Solr will automatically fetch the color ‘black’ and apply a filter for Black color, making it easier to provide search results. So, faceted search makes searching much powerful and faster as compared with traditional searching algorithms. 

Spell Correction, Synonym Support

Apache Solr also supports spell correction and synonyms, and that means a rather powerful searching system. So, even when a user searches for something, and the eCommerce has that product listed under a different synonym, then still, that product will be shown to the user, and that credit goes to the powerful synonym support of Apache Solr. For example, if a user searches for “Sweater” and the eCommerce shop has all the products listed as “Sweatshirt”; still, Solr will still get the term sweatshirt and display all the sweatshirts listed on the eCommerce Shop. That’s the power of Spell Correction and Synonym support on Apache Solr.

So, these are some points through which your eCommerce search can be faster, and all thanks to the powerful Search engine Apache Solr. Having a search engine installed for your eCommerce Shop is quite important because you don’t want your visitor to disappoint by not serving the right search results.

So, if you are an eCommerce Shop owner, and want to implement the best search engine that can provide your customers with blazing fast and accurate search results, then you have to contact Enterprise Search Consulting company. INEXTURE is the best Apache Solr Consulting company that will enable your eCommerce store with faster and accurate search results. Contact us or drop an email at to hire an Apache Solr Consultant to implement it in your eCommerce store. So, what are you waiting for? Just enable smarter searching systems on your eCommerce store and start converting more people, and make huge business revenue!

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