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Link building techniques 2021

Link building techniques 2021

Many think that the value of link building has reduced a lot over the last few years with the change in the Google algorithm and the use of artificial intelligence. Of course, the quality of content is the primary criteria for any website to get top position in the internet search. Does that mean link building has no place in modern SEO strategy? The answer is negative. We still need links and they are invaluable. Having white hat natural links, particularly those built after years of hard work will always remain an important factor for the page position in search results.

For example, consider two sites, both of which written good content on the same topic. So which one will come at the top position? Here comes the important role of link building. Link building also helps your site to get indexed. Now you understand that link building still has a place in modern day SEO.

Link building in 2021

So, what link building actually means in the context of 2021? For example, you can put the link of your website on Facebook and share with your friends and they came to know about your site by clicking on the shared link. Here you have the link to your website on another popular site (Facebook) and people are coming to your site using the link. As a result, you are experiencing an increased traffic on your website. This is a small instance of current day link building.

PageRank no longer exists

In the past, Google used to update the PageRank for every website. You could easily see the rank of your page even for specific keywords. But Google understood that displaying PageRank actually leaking its algorithm strategy to potential miscreants who will use these data to artificially increase the PageRank of any particular site. Now Google has stopped showing the PageRank. But the rank of your site is still getting calculated by Google, but the exact process is not known to the outside world.

When you have a link to your website on a high authority trusted site, you get a trust score from Google (for example) and the chance of your site getting visible on search pages increases. When you have thousands of such links placed on thousands of high authority sites, your trust rank will keep on increasing. More trust rank means the greater chance for you to rank higher in search pages. Here lies the importance of link building even with the modern algorithm from Google.

Types of links

There are two types of links: External and Internal. Internal links are those which link to other pages on your own site. You can usually use internal links to promote your own site. For instance, if the trust score of one of your page is high (receiving high traffic as well) then you put an interlink link on that page to improve the trust score and traffic of another page as well. External links, of course, are links to some other sites from your site (or when you put your site link to any other high-authority site).

Then again there is a no-follow and a do-follow link. A link can be of these two types regardless of whether internal or external. If you reach the next site after clicking on the link placed on your site (or in any other site) then it is a do-follow link. So, the Google crawler will go to the next site as well when there is a do-follow link. But if you place a no-follow link on your page the Google crawler will not go to the next page following the link.

The context of do-follow and no-follow links

Obviously, you will want to have more do-follow links of or on your site than no-follow links as the benefits of SEO only comes from the do-follow links. But you should also place some internal no-follow links on your site to avoid Google penalty. If all your links are do-follow ones, then Google will certainly take them as unnatural and may penalize your site by removing it from the search list.

So it is important to keep a good mix of do-follow and no-follow links (around a ratio of 70 to 30). A perfect high-quality link should have a good anchor text, it must be a do-follow link, placed on a high authority trusted site, and placed inside the body of the main content (preferably in the first or second paragraph and not at the signature or sidebar of the page).

Link building and SEO

Many may suggest you make comments on high-authority sites and place your signature there for link building. This has a minimum effect on SEO improvement in the current scenario. Carefully try to investigate and find where your competitor sites have created links and then find methods to incorporate your links as well on those sites. You have to develop some unique strategy apart from using all the strategies of your competitor site to have a better ranking than them. If you have the same or similar strategies of link building as taken by your competitor sites, then you will have a similar ranking on search pages. But you need to do better (or at least try to do better) than your competitor sites (placed higher in the search result).

Content is the king

Even after considering the importance of link building you must realize that content is the most significant factor of SEO in 2021. If your content always remains good then people will create your links naturally. When you produce good content which your readers can relate them to, they tend to share among their friends naturally. Sharing means they are creating links to your content. A good content naturally can give you more links than it is possible through any other way.

Building your own Wikipedia page

One of the best possible links building in 2021 is to have your own Wikipedia page. Try to fulfill all the norms of making your own Wikipedia page and give the links of your content page there. It will be the most effective link building strategy for you. Never try to crack the norms of Wikipedia to create your webpage on Wikipedia. It will not work in the long run and do more harm than any good.

Real vs unreal or fake links and paid vs free links

If you are paying some organization to promote your business, then it is, of course, becomes paid links. Similarly, when you get links without paying for them, they are free links. You may be thinking how Google will differentiate between a paid and a free link. When you are getting paid links, there is a higher chance that some of the links will be placed on some fake or low authority site (sites with low trust score). This will result in the building of negative trust score and will affect your site negatively. Most of the paid links (particularly the cheap ones) will be made in the comment sections where the site that you paid for the links will use some Bots to create comments and place your links. They are of little to no value and even get you negative trust score instead of doing any good. So quality is always better than quantity. Even 10 good links can do better than, say 5000 low-quality links.

Link building with relevant sites

It is extremely important to build links only on sites that are related to your site niche. If you are running a site on nutrition, you can have a link on any nutrition-related sites or may be related to sites such as a fitness blog and the vice versa. You may write a good educational content on nutrition and have a link to that content on an educational site. This way you can build networks of related sites and have a link to them. But there is no point having a link of your site on nutrition on a music site. That will be overlooked by Google and will be penalized. So when you are making the link building strategy concentrate on relevant and related sites only.

What is the importance of buying guest backlinks in 2021?

Natural link building is the best possible method of link building. There is no question about it. But you cannot get tons of natural backlinks overnight and improve your SEO and search rankings. It may take years of patient effort and production of quality content regularly for a year to see the good effects of natural link building. Now, how to increase your search engine ranking today? Buying quality guest backlinks and improving the ranking through more quality backlinks is the only way to increase your search ranking in quick time.

How to buy white hat guest backlinks?

You can still find white hat guest backlinks which you can actually buy and improve your SEO score in quick time. There are indeed programs offering high-quality guest backlinks that really works. They cover different niche and you will only get relevant links from quality sites. These sites from where you can buy white hat guest posts actually have a network of bloggers and website creators. When you approach these sites they will contact personally and tell them to include your link on the networking sites. They will not use automated bots to create links (usually done by sites offering links at a cheap rate).

Here the links will be placed at the top of quality articles where it matters the most. These sites also have a good pool of quality writers and content producers of different niche and they will come up with the right quality content for you on which the link will be placed. These will be long-term and long-lasting links with actual value. There will be no broken and fake links. The links will be on quality sites, privately owned sites, and there will be no links on sites with networks where the links get lost in hoards of links placed only for the purpose of link building. By purchasing these links you can improve your SEO and search ranking rapidly, which will also help in increasing your brand credibility. When you are in a tough competitive market, these are the links that may cause the difference. Overall, this is the best way to get quality links and skyrocket your business in no time.

Automate and manage guest posting

The process of guest posting to get your link building process to continue involves the following parts: Finding the possible guest post targets; requesting them through email for a guest posting opportunity; negotiate a possible guest post; wait for it to get published and track the results of it. Then you also have to manually maintain a database of the guest post partners. Now how to automate the process? You can do some guest posts, but what if you need hundreds and even thousands of guest post for a proper building process? Surely, you can do it after years of serious efforts. But you want to have it in a short time, right? You can do it by buying guest backlinks on quality contents produced for you on different high-authority sites.


Link building is still viable in the modern day SEO strategy. However, content is the king and link building only makes the difference between good quality contents. In some sense link building is a simple process. It is the process of naturally having the link to your content on different yet relevant sites. Social media sharing is also a type of modern-day link building. The best link building process should be natural that only happens over time and cannot be achieved overnight. It is always better to have a few quality backlinks than having thousands of links with no or low value. But if you want to improve your SEO in quick time and want to rank high on a search engine for your niche and specific keywords then buying white hat guest backlinks is the best option.

Following this step-by-step guide will help you in getting more results. You can also take assistance from SEO Experts in India for the best results.

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