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How to Use Siri Hands Free with MAC OS 10.11

How to Use Siri Hands Free with MAC OS 10.11

Do you understand you can use Siri on a MacBook? IPhone and iPad customers might experience the usage of Siri, the beneficial voice command gadget constructed into iOS that we could customers make cellphone calls, search for things online or even dictate textual content in place of typing. These and lots of other Siri voice instructions now paintings at the Mac thanks to the new macOS 10.Eleven update that hits MacBooks in 2016. We’ll display customers how to show the voice-enabled arms-unfastened Siri on and how to apply it to a MacBook.

The new Siri feature in macOS 10.Eleven works with either a keyboard shortcut or clicking the mouse/trackpad. Put the icon within the Dock (there by default) and just click it with the mouse to begin it listening for a voice command. It can also cross inside the Menubar on the top of the display screen. The integrated keyboard shortcut that wakes Siri is FN+Spacebar. If you need to apply your voice to wake Siri, you may. It requires turning on some capabilities and changing the integrated keyboard shortcut for Siri. Thanks to YouTube consumer Joshua Campbell for identifying the way to do that. His video is below.

How to Turn on Hands Free Siri on macOS 10.11

To get started out launch System Preferences and go into Accessibility. Do this with the Dock icon that looks as if a black and gray gear. You can click on it and it opens System Preferences or click and preserve to reveal the listing of preferences. Click on Accessibility. There’s any other way to open System Preferences. Click the Apple menu within the top left corner and pick System Preferences. Then click on the Accessibility icon in the fourth row toward the right.

Scroll down to Dictation in the left column in Accessibility. It’s the top item inside the Interacting section of the list. Click on Enable the dictation keyword phrase. The default command is “Computer”. I like that, but some need it to work similar to iOS and can pick “Hey” for you to say, “Hey Siri”. I don’t want my cellphone and Mac to get careworn, so I stored the default.

Next, click on on Dictation Commands… at the pinnacle of the box. A new box pops up and there’s a listing of voice instructions, but not one for Siri. So click on at the plus icon beneath the list. This creates a new voice command. Type in Siri or some other voice command you want to use as opposed to Siri. In the While the use of: drop down container you could pick out in case you best need it to paintings in one program. However, most will want this to work universally and ought to leave it by myself.

You’ll want to add a keyboard shortcut to apply. Click on the arrows to the right of the access box labelled Perform: and find Press keyboard shortcut… within the list. Now type a keyboard shortcut which you’ll use to interact Siri. The default FN+Spacebar doesn’t paintings. I chose CONTROL+OPTION+COMMAND+S which will work except another program’s going for walks that makes use of the identical keyboard shortcut. Click on Done after which the again arrow at the pinnacle of the System Preferences field to move again to the main web page of System Preferences.

Now click on the Siri icon within the fourth row of System Preferences. Make sure that Siri is enabled checking the field on the left. Choose your preferred language and Siri voice using the drop down lists. Turn on or off voice remarks. I left it on. Choose the mic. It uses the Internal Microphone via default. Now we should customize the Keyboard Shortcut to make it work with the one we used within the step above. Use the drop down box and pick out Customize… to enter a brand new keyboard shortcut. Now enter the equal one you used above, CONTROL+OPTION+COMMAND+S in my case.

Close System Preferences and test it out. If you observed the identical steps I used above, you have to be able to wake up Siri via saying, “Computer … Siri” and then say one of the commands that Siri acknowledges. For instance, check it out by means of pronouncing, “Computer … Siri … What time is it?”

What you Can Say to Hands Free Siri on macOS 10.11

Here’s a list of a number of the things users can do with Siri on macOS 10.11.

  • In Finder say “Show my downloads folder”
  • Instead of opening System Preferences say “Make the display brighter”
  • Say “How rapid is my Mac” to open About this Mac
  • Launch apps by using saying “Launch Finder” or some other application name rather than Finder
  • Begin a FaceTime call with a person via announcing “FaceTime Kevin Purcell” using the name of a person to your Address Book
  • Do the identical with Messages by using announcing “Tell Kevin Purcell I’ll be late to the meeting”
  • Add appointments to the Calendar by saying “Add a meeting with Kevin Purcell at 10:00 a.M. Day after today”
  • To get greater Siri commands, take a look at out the Apple guide web page on the iOS model of Siri.

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