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How to Set a Screen Saver Password on Mac

How to Set a Screen Saver Password on Mac

It's really simple to set a secret key for your Mac and have your PC require the secret key to sign on, however here's the manner by which to set a screen saver secret word that expects you to enter it each time you need to get back on your Mac. 

What's the motivation behind a screen appreciate secret key? All things considered, basically it's incredible in case you're in an open place and need to leave your PC for a piece. When your screen saver enacts, your Mac secures itself with the goal that when you return, you'll need to enter in a secret phrase to utilize your PC once more. 

Basically, it's a security highlight that keeps prying eyes from getting to your PC, much after you signed on. 

Be that as it may, it's not quite the same as having a secret key that you enter to at first sign onto your Mac, so when you first boot up your machine, you'll be welcomed with a login page where you'll enter in a secret key so as to get to your work area. Be that as it may, of course, when you're signed in and you step away for a piece, somebody can stop by and jump on your Mac without requiring any certifications. 

This is the reason it may be a smart thought to empower a screen saver secret key, so that much after you sign on, your PC will secure itself after a particular measure of time of dormancy. 

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Here's the manner by which to set a screen saver secret key on Mac. 

Setting Up a Screen Saver Password

While you would typically set up a secret key for your Mac account in the Users and Groups segment in System Preferences, setting up a screen saver secret key is in an alternate zone. 

Rather, you'll have to open System Preferences and snap on Security and Privacy. From that point, select the General tab at the top in the event that it isn't now chosen. 

The following thing you'll need to do is place a checkmark close to Require secret phrase, and afterward in the drop-down menu close to that, you can choose a possibility for when you need to require a secret key after the screen saver is enacted. It's ideal to pick Immediately. 

While you're here, it likewise may be a smart thought to put a checkmark close to Disable programmed login, which will keep your Mac from consequently heading off to the work area when you turn on your Mac, and will rather request a secret word first. 

In the event that you set a screen saver secret phrase, you may likewise need to change some screen saver settings, in particular when your screen saver initiates. 

To do this, return to the principle System Preferences sheet and select Desktop and Screen Saver. In the base left corner there will be a drop-down menu close to Start after. This is the measure of inactive time that will happen before your screen saver enacts. The fastest choice is 1 moment, which is suggested in the event that you set a screen saver secret phrase, as this will initiate the secret key sooner after you leave your Mac. 


From that point, at whatever point somebody attempts to jump on your PC while you're away, a secret phrase brief will show up before they can get to the work area. They would require your Mac's administrator secret phrase before proceeding. 

On the off chance that you as often as possible work on your MacBook in an open spot, similar to a coffeehouse or the library, it's consistently a smart thought to have a screen saver secret phrase empowered. Obviously, you could simply take care of your MacBook while you're away, yet in case you're downloading something and need to keep it conscious, having some secret phrase security is perfect.

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