How to Powerwash a Chromebook to Fix Problems

How to Powerwash a Chromebook to Fix Problems

The system of erasing a laptop and reinstalling the operating gadget and software program can take hours, however not with the Chromebook’s Powerwash function. This easy solution erases a Chromebook or Chromebox laptop and re-installs a clean copy of ChromeOS. After the consumer symptoms into the Chromebook, all their apps and settings will restore themselves to the computer. This entire method takes less than an hour on the longest, usually much less than half-hour, compared to ten-forty hours with a Windows or Mac setup.

We’ll display customers a way to do a entire Powerwash on their Chromebook the use of the Acer Chromebook 15. It works identically on all ChromeOS machines walking the same version of the OS. Regardless of the model jogging to your system, it should work similarly.

When to Powerwash Your Chromebook
Why could a ChromeOS user need to Powerwash their computer? Any time you’re experiencing issues like app crashes or poor overall performance, you have to do not forget the usage of those steps. If you need to present the Chromebook to a brand new person, then Powerwash to erase it. The new consumer can then log into the system. Google gives a few extra reasons assist web page:

  • You see a message telling you to do so.
  • The person profile or settings don’t seem to paintings nicely.
  • A restart of the Chromebook doesn’t fix all the troubles.
  • You’ve already became off extensions that could reason issues.

Users have to also attempt another step before the usage of the Powerwash. Google calls this a hardware reset. It’s no longer a Powerwash, but it does more than restarting the computer. It refreshes the pc’s reputation of the hardware capabilities established on the computer. Find the stairs for most of the computer systems available at the Google Powerwash assist page.Backup Your Data
The Powerwash will totally erase the garage at the computer. If you’ve were given any critical files, then you definitely’ll need to again them up.

Most Chromebooks include an outside garage connection like an SD card, micro-SD card or USB port. Pick which one you’d choose to use and plug it into the laptop. Open the Files app on the Chromebook and replica the files from the internal storage to the outside storage.

Some users would possibly opt to backup their documents through copying to an internet storage alternative. In the lower left nook of the Files app you’ll see Add new service. Click it and sign into Dropbox or OneDrive. If you choose to use Google Drive instead, it’s indexed within the pinnacle left a part of the Files app. Copy the files you wish to back up.

Powerwash the Chromebook

After the documents get sponsored up, it’s time to Powerwash the device. In the decrease right nook, there’s a small toolbar with the time, a Wi-Fi symbol, the battery symbol and the person account avatar. Click in that location to convey up a pop-up menu. Click on Settings.

Chromebook settings advancedThe Settings screen shows options for converting the look and behavior of ChromeOS. Scroll to the lowest if you could’t see the link in the left corner that reads Show advanced settings…. Click it and a new phase shows up below that line.

Scroll down until you spot the segment labelled Powerwash. Click the button. A conversation box like the one beneath seems. Click on Restart.

The Chromebook restarts and boots back up asking in case you’re geared up to reset the computer. Click on the Restart button. Another box asks the person to affirm their desire. The computer then restarts, erases the pressure and re-installs the operating machine.

Log In to Restore Settings and Apps
After a brief time, the computer boots lower back up and asks the user to go into their person credentials for their Google account. Enter the email address and password. Then the laptop finishes the boot process and re-installs all the consumer’s ChromeOS Web Apps. The entire process takes much less than 5 mins typically. It will take longer on slower computer systems or slower Internet connections.

If you related the Files app to an online garage website like OneDrive or Dropbox, open it once more and reconnect the usage of the link in the lower left nook that reads Add new offerings. Choose from the list and input login records.

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