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How to Fix Windows Driver Bugs and Issues?

How to Fix Windows Driver Bugs and Issues?

One of the important components of your system is drivers that play a crucial role to keep your system running well. Here, you get drivers all the built-in hardware so that these devices run well on your PC. For example, you get driver for printer, keyboard, mouse, processors, display adapters, and almost everything on your PC.

These drivers enable hardware devices on your PC to run well for seamless user experience. Furthermore, you also get updates for drivers at regular intervals to avoid performance issues. Many of these driver updates get installed automatically with software updates.

Now that you know drivers play an important role to keep your overall system performance intact, there come times when you may encounter driver bugs & issues due to outdated drivers or other reasons. In this article, we have discussed ways how to fix Windows driver bugs and issues in few simple steps.

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What are drivers on your PC?

In a quick definition, “Drivers are the software that allows Windows to communicate with your computer’s hardware”. Thus, it plays an important role to keep your system performing at peak level. For example, up-to-date display driver on your PC ensures you easily access all features of your system screen.

How to update drivers?

Try Manual Process

The first thing you should do to update outdated drivers on Windows 10 is to try manual method. To do this, Windows offers built-in Device Manager utility. As we discussed above, many of your device drivers get updated with software update, in case some of the important drivers aren’t updated, then you can try updating them using Device Manager. To do this, follow below mentioned steps:

  • In the search box on the taskbar search & select Device Manager.
  • On Device Manager window expand one of the categories for device that you want to update.
  • Once selected, right-click on it and select the Update Driver option.

This quick tip will help you update all drivers on your PC. But the problem with this built-in utility is that you need to update drivers one-by-one that consumes lot of time & efforts. Thus, the next best solution to update drivers is to use best driver updater software for Windows.

Use Best Driver Updater Software

The next best solution to keep your system drivers up-to-date is to use advanced driver updater tools for Windows. These smart tools work on advanced algorithms to help you find & install all latest drivers on your PC. You can use these powerful tools to keep your system in good health all the time. These solutions not only help you fix driver issues, but they also help you keep your system secure from unnecessary threats.

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While there are tons of these tools available, you can try Advanced Driver Updater that offers easiest & safest solution to keep your device drivers up-to-date. This smart driver updater for Windows scans your system storage to find all outdated drivers and helps you update them immediately. This powerful tool works seamlessly on all Windows versions. Windows Driver Updater will find all latest drivers on the Internet and install them on your PC. It offers a few clicks simple processes to update all drivers on your PC to save your time.

Features of Advanced Driver Updater

  • It allows you to scan, download, and install all the latest drivers on your PC automatically to save time.
  • It offers driver exclusion list option to exclude drivers that you don’t want to update. Here, you can exclude those drivers that may cause system instability due to compatibility issues.
  • It takes backup of existing drivers so that you can reinstall the previous version of driver if something goes wrong with the update.
  • It shows full compatibility with all Windows versions.


Keeping device drivers up-to-date will help you keep your system in good health. Here, we have discussed multiple ways to do it. While manual process is useful to update certain drivers immediately, the best driver updater software gives you quick solution when you want to update all drivers on your PC.

Here, you can try Advanced Driver Updater to update drivers and improve your system performance significantly. Don’t forget to share your experience while trying this amazing tool on your PC.

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