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How Mobile App Development Projects can Benefit from Using Meteor.JS

How Mobile App Development Projects can Benefit from Using Meteor.JS

Meteor.js, or Meteor is an open-source platform for mobile app development, web, and desktop used by more than half a million developers worldwide. It makes shipping JavaScript apps efficient, scalable, and simple. It’s one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks, preferred by startups either for their mobile or website apps. Written in Node.js, it’s one of the most popular frameworks to develop cross-platform mobile applications on Android and iOS.

As it has acquired great attention from both novice and expert developers in the world, it’s obvious that would-be developers would want to know what makes it very popular.

Why is it Popular?

It has gained massive popularity among mobile app developers. The platform has been built on the concepts from the different libraries and frameworks in a manner that prototyping apps are easy. It essentially makes for easier web development. Requiring less code, it’s flexible, meaning that there are fewer bugs and higher quality and a more stable end result in general.

It has caught the attention of many developers because it’s fast and easy to learn and build with, which makes it the new favorite for the majority of developers.

The Benefits for Mobile App Development Projects

1. The by-default capability builds apps in real-time. When using other frameworks of JavaScript, you have to extend the capabilities in order to integrate the real-time streaming feature. The framework is equipped with capabilities to create apps in real-time by default, unlike other JS frameworks.

Credit to social media platforms, real-time apps have become greatly popular nowadays. The platforms allow the feature for millions of users to stream live sessions with no need to go to another page. In the past, development with a real-time function involves plenty of complexities, but not anymore with Meteor.js.

For the first time, the framework offered a by-default, built-in real-time capability. Any new or updated user data would be updated and made available in real-time with no lags with the Meteor.js capability. This obviously is a great help to deliver a much-improved user experience.

2. Easy and simple to learn. All three languages of JavaScript, such as React JS, AngularJS, and Meteor.js support CSS and HTML to offer an extensive solution that comprises of web design elements and functionalities. Compared to the other two however, Meteor.js is deemed to be simpler when it comes to coding output.

Besides the simple coding, it’s also renowned for its unparalleled learning ease. For a would-be developer or anyone who wants to try out his/her skills in coding for the first time, the framework is an excellent choice. One could quickly learn from it, particularly with the support coming from the community.

3. One language packed with a smart package. It’s one of the few frameworks the allow the development of frontend and backend app, together with the application database. A simple JS language lets developers handle all factors of an app and works equally great for server-side and client-side development.

It boosts project efficiency and makes the development team job easier through helping users via an extensive and immense simplified accounting system. Moreover, the system also lets developers use it for other tasks of their choice, including writing apps that use CoffeeScript.

4. An ideal choice for startups. The ideal JS framework for startups that are working on their mobile applications. For organizations working on a mobile application with little budget and resources, the framework comes out as an affordable tech solution. Startups, as well as small businesses creating mobile applications could consider the following advantages of Meteor.js.

  • Lesser market time. For a startup to gain a competitive edge via faster market time, there is a need for fast-paced development and deployment of an app. The framework enables rapid prototyping and helps build a basic MVP application within an hour or two, which is remarkably lower for a mobile application.

  • Cross-platform development. It could be used ideally to build apps that could work on Android and iOS, and could meet the native performance standards, as well as the user experience parameters.

5. Highly productive framework for resolving a lot of issues. Meteor.js has also earned an excellent reputation as a highly productive and efficient framework to save time without jeopardizing features and quality. Even though all the earlier major JavaScript languages involved numerous complexities, the framework lets developers build an app with the least time and effort.

Meteor.js continues to enjoy huge support from the community to resolve any development confusion and bottlenecks. Developers could find more help than they ask for at all times.

Reasons to Build Apps with Meteor.js

Here’s why you should build apps using the framework.

1. Develop with just a single language.

2. Fast to build.

3. Real-time apps at the core.

4. Easy to learn.

5. Convert to native mobile apps easily.

6. Smart packages save time.

7. Supportive and active community.

8. The future is Meteor.

To Sum Up

The framework came very much like a meteor in the realm of web and mobile application development. Along with it comes a never-before promise to deliver all the highly sought-after benefits, namely, productivity, efficiency, mission-vital features, low cost of development, low-learning curve, and simple development. Meteor.js then is all set to dominate the application development space.

 It is slowly but steadily gaining ground and offers a range of benefits. To streamline your web app and mobile app development requirements, then Meteor.js is here to help you.

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