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How AR & VR Will Transform Your Mobile Shopping Experience?

How AR & VR Will Transform Your Mobile Shopping Experience?


In the last few decades, the retail market has undergone massive modernization. Due to this, the shopping experience of general consumers has elevated to a level of comfort and ease that was previously unfathomable. In an era of online marketing, the reality of the consumer has been rebuilt, so that is no longer real but virtual.

Gone are the days of online shopping where only the user's visual senses were a target. Cutting edge AR/VR technology has allowed the consumer to immerse into a full-body experience. With the help of smart digital marketing techniques, Augmented reality, and Virtual reality, we have transformed the general retail space into a marvel of technological advancement.

Remodeling the Online Shopping Experience

Augmented reality and Virtual reality have brought forth a renovation of the classic mobile shopping experience. With simulation and the AR technology, the consumer no longer feels an absence of truth. Vivid and detailed computer-generated imagery that mimics both the essence and movements of the real world has allowed shoppers to immerse themselves in the virtual reality fully.

Understanding the behavior of the general consumer, seeking top quality items at the comfort of their own home, has allowed establishments to provide excellent alternatives using AR/VR. Online shopping is no longer a size chart and a few images of a clothing article. Now, you can immerse in and manipulate the intricate elements of the virtual retail world.

May it be grocery shopping or shopping for a few furniture articles, AR/VR technology facilitates the consumer to apply 3D vision and virtual placement. AR/VR retail showrooms go as far as enabling the shopper to try on clothing articles and place furniture items on different parts of the room.

Improving Digital Marketing Using AR/VR Technology

Business is better suited to cater to the consumer's needs by understanding the objective of AR/VR technology and using that to their benefit. The Virtual reality awakens the shopper's sensory responses by highlighting their visual and aural experience. While, Augmented reality allows, via the shopper's immersion, to create a lasting impression.

Digital marketing techniques must incorporate elements of AR/VR technology to build loyalty between the brand and the consumer. By providing features like online trial rooms, the businesses remove the main hindrance in the outdated online shopping. Augmented and Virtual reality has been portrayed as simulations disconnecting the consumer from the real world. However, the AR/VR, when marketed to spike an emotional response in the consumer, not only increases sales but builds a relationship of dependency and loyalty.

Digital marketing should primarily focus on the needs of the consumer and the reasons as to why the average shopper prefers real shopping. The online market must pay heed to provide the consumer with options of customization and personalization. Such as, an image of a pair of sunglasses might not sufficiently tempt the shopper into buying as it leaves room for doubt in the minds of the shopper. But the same pair might yield different results if, using AR/VR, this allows the shopper to personalize the item according to their face shape and preference.

AR and VR Benefits in the Retail Industry

The technology allows consumers to interact with the items displayed in the virtual showrooms. This not only benefits the consumer by allowing him to view the three-dimensional model but also helps in decision making as objects mimic movements and behavior of real-life shopping. Additionally, the retailer can save physical space and funds that would otherwise be spent in maintaining virtual reality ecommerce of the physical showroom.

It is every shopper's nightmare to have their minds fixated on an item only to find that the article is no longer available. This is a problem that you would no longer have to face with the advanced online shopping. As the record of all the items that a brand sells is stored on a real-time basis, you would be informed right away if an article was no longer available. This feature also facilitates the retailers by making sure that their system is up to date, leaving no room for error.

The current market place is filled with competition. To survive, you must have cutting edge technology and modern strategies to stand out. This is where AR/VR plays a vital role. Businesses use interactive features of the augmented reality to engage consumers. It is natural for consumers to be attracted to unique approaches. Thus AR/VR technology as an intelligent marketing tool benefits businesses immensely.

The modern online shopping has provided the average shopper with a diverse range of different items. The ease and reachability of a product to consumers has always played an essential role towards the customer's intention. This, when combined with the comfort of one's home, virtual shopping experience, truly becomes an unstoppable force.

Enhancing E-commerce with Virtual Reality

As more and more online shopping platforms are made available to the average consumer, e-commerce has experienced a spike in the number of shoppers. But it is not only the shoppers that have benefited from this. As the world grows more digital, retailers are provided with opportunities to act upon their business ideas with little difficulty.

E-Commerce leaders are now able to engage consumers and offer a worthwhile shopping experience with just a little bit of creativity. E-Commerce is a market that continues to grow, and with the latest developments in AR/VR technology, both shoppers and retailers are offered a seat at the table.

Why the AR/VR Shopping Experience Is a Wave of the Future?

With the computerization of most of the features of our daily lives, it is no surprise that retail shopping also followed the trend. Whether you are tech-savvy or lack even the basic understanding of technology, you cannot deny that modern online shopping builds curiosity and excitement. Brands have only started scratching the surface that is AR/VR, so you can imagine what the future of mobile shopping must hold. The trend of a virtual shopping reality is fresh and enticing, but it is a trend that is here to stay and something to look forward to.

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Venkatesh C.R.
Venkatesh C.R.

Venkatesh is a serial entrepreneur with a distinct passion for taking nascent businesses to great heights. An early entrant in the mobile application technology, Venkatesh grew his flagship company, Dot Com Infoway (DCI) to be recognized as one of the world’s leading digital marketing, web, and mobile app development & marketing company.

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