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Gojek Clone: Smart and Advanced Technology Mobile Application

Gojek Clone: Smart and Advanced Technology Mobile Application


What caught People’s attention the most? How did numerous Service Providers tagged along on this App? The Questions are many, but the answer to it boils down to this - Gojek Clone Apps’ Smart and Advanced Technology! 

Well, this Technology has just got a bit Ultra-Modern with the Launch of this Century’s best All-in-One App – KINGX 2022! This App is Groundbreaking in its own way. It is very similar to the Original Indonesian Gojek App but only Bigger, Better and User-Friendly than ever! 

Let’s see what’s New and Up-Coming on KINGX 2022 – the Big Brother of Gojek Clone App!  


  1. Online Video Consultation 

App Users can book a One-on-One Conversation via Video Consultation with Professionals like: 

  • Doctors 

  • Yoga Instructors 

  • Fitness Coaches 

  • Personal Academic Tutors 

  • Advocates 

  • Psychologists 

The App Users need to open the KINGX App and go to the Video Consultation Section. Therein, the Users will find the list of Categories mentioned above. They need to tap on Professionals they want to consult with, for instance, Advocates. 

Once they tap on Advocates, an entire list of different genres of Advocates will open up. It’ll look something like this: 

  • Intellectual Property Lawyer

  • Corporate Lawyers

  • Criminal Lawyer

  • Family Lawyer

  • Real Estate Lawyers

  • Employment Lawyer

  • Malpractice Lawyers

  • Personal Injury Lawyers

From this, the User can choose an Advocate depending on their need. The App will show up all the nearby Advocates in the Selected Genres on the Screen. Now, the App User can compare Advocates’ Profiles, their Ratings & Review, and Nearest Proximity. Based on these comparisons, the User can either choose to book an Instant Video Call or Schedule it for a Later Date & Time. 

Point to be noted – these Video Calls can only be made through the iOS and Android Gojek Clone App! Also, the Mode of Payment will be Online in this case specifically as the Consultation is happening Online and not In-Person. 

  1. Service Bidding 

Getting a Handyman’s Services just got easier with this New Feature! Service Bidding is a Feature wherein the App Users can Post Job details for the following Categories. And then allows the interested Service Providers from the Nearby Areas to place their Bids for the Task. 

  • Plumber

  • Electrician 

  • Painter 

  • Carpenter

  • Home Cleaning 

  • Disinfecting Services 

  • Sanitization Services 

The App User has to fill and submit a form on the App that asks for Job Details, such as: 

  • Required Service Provider

  • Job Requirements

  • Additional Job Specific Instructions

  • Service Location

  • Budget 

  • Preferred Date & Time 

All the Handymen from the specified Job Category, situated near the App User’s Service Location will get notified about the Posted Job. Interested Service Providers who are not willing to do the Job at the Said Budget can Bid a Price that they are comfortable with! And here onwards, the negotiation starts via the In-App Notifications between the App User and the Service Provider. After sorting the best Service Providers, Users can compare every Provider based on their Portfolio, Ratings & Review, and their Quoted Price for the Task. 

All the Acceptation, Rejection, and Negotiation of the Job happen via the In-App Push Notifications.  The Service Provider and the App User can shift to In-App Chat Feature, only and only if they want to have an Elaborated Discussion about the Bidding!

Well, KINGX 2022 has also made the Login process Immensely Easy for App Users. iPhone Users can now login into the App using Face Detection. On the other hand, Android Smartphone Users only need to use their Fingerprints to log in. 


Well, it is your time to shine by Going Live with your very own Apps like Gojek in record 7 Business Days! Earn Easy and Quick Money by getting a Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested, and Fully-Functional App from a White-Labelling Firm. 

Or, are you Curious to know more about KINGX 2022? Well, contact a Licensed White-Labeling Firm then. A Well-Established Firm will offer you to try their Demo App for Free until you feel that it’s the perfect App that you’ve been looking for! 

Connect with them ASAP!

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