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FinCRM: A ‘Made in India, Made for the World’ CRM solution.

FinCRM: A ‘Made in India, Made for the World’ CRM solution.

In a time when companies in every field are dealing with cutting-edge competition, the development & adoption of digital tools has gained immense traction. Among all the digital tools, CRM software has accrued the largest market share. Many new companies are foraying into the CRM market and one such emerging and promising name is FinCRM Technologies.

What is FinCRM?

  • FinCRM is a full-stack customer relationship management (CRM) and office management software solution, which has enough potential to compete with the prominent names in the CRM industry.
  • This CRM software is tailored with advanced features to help companies in discovering new doorways to lucrative business opportunities and empowering the workforce.
  • The adoption of FinCRM for your business can result in better marketing proficiency, streamlined internal operations, and enhanced productivity.

Executive Summary

  • In effect of immense competition, businesses are adopting various strategies for getting access to new doorways to success. CRM has become an integral part of the growth strategy for businesses.
  • Looking at the current market condition, a myriad range of CRMs are available but with limitations. Some are not built for your business type and some are not built for your budget.
  • Here is the void that FinCRM is bridging. This has come to the market as versatile, feature-rich, and affordable CRM, above all, suitable for every business type.
  • Doesn’t matter you are operating in education, e-commerce, insurance, bank, or business advisory, travel & tourism, or any other industry, FinCRM is for you.
  • Keeping in view the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, ranging from startups to MNCs, anyone can easily afford FinCRM.
  • This is for sure that you will get a lot more in return than investment in FinCRM.  


  • When there is a will, there’s a way. This is also the foundation story behind FinCRM.
  • Mayank Agarwal the Founder and CEO of FinCRM, was born on 17th August 1995 in Bhorki, a small village in Jhunjhunu district, Odisha.
  • About Bhorki, this small village has recognition for the temples in the region.
  • Returning to Mayank, later in time, he with his family moved to Rourkela, Odisha, and got school education completed there.
  • He later pursued graduation from SRM University, Chennai. While graduating, design and marketing held Mayank’s attention.
  • When you really desire something with the heart & soul, the entire universe conspires you to achieve it. Mayank’s dedication and hard work led him to become the Creative Head for SRMU’s Annual Techno Management Festival.
  • With all the enthusiasm and ambition, Mayank successfully established his own design & marketing agency right after his graduation.
  • Here comes the time, when the idea of FinCRM was seeded.
  • For his design and marketing agency, Mayank was looking for CRM software but faced an issue that a lot of businesses are facing, not finding the right CRM for their business.  
  • But instead of skipping the idea of adopting CRM or adjusting with any other CRM in the market, he thought a step ahead and that’s what leaders do. Mayank determined to create a solution for everyone’s problem along with his own.
  • He developed the feature-rich CRM with affordable pricing and that’s how FinCRM came into the shape.

Vision and Mission

  • FinCRM is a startup but has a colossal and clear vision. The company believes in the idea of “Made in India, Made for the world”.  
  • The mission started with the quest for discovering a solution for one’s own business and turned into an idea that is potent enough to rule the marketplace.
  • FinCRM is about to launch in the market, but the overview of the product is so promising that it can persuade you to try it right now.
  • Currently, FinCRM is going through testing with a set of beta users. Mayank doesn’t want to leave any chance for a dire CRM experience for any of his client belonging to any industry.
  • He understands the importance of the right CRM software for a business with all the required features and affordability as he has already experienced the need for it.

This was all about FinCRM, a CRM that budded with an idea to satiate one firm’s requirement but has taken a bigger shape with time. This CRM software has everything that any business may look for in a CRM, a lot of features and cost-efficiency. FinCRM is about to launch and ready to leave its mark as one of the best CRM available in the market.

Author Biography.

Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal

Content Writer

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