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Do You Make Any of These 10 Simple SEO Mistakes?

Do You Make Any of These 10 Simple SEO Mistakes?

In today’s digitalized world, most companies and brands have turned towards online platforms to grab the attention of many audiences worldwide. Online traffic is the key to online business growth. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services have vital importance in the online business forum. At present, there are many SEO Services Agencies in India, offering clients with Guaranteed SEO Services

Often, you optimize the search engines to attract a large number of visitors and rush off for keyword research to enhance traffic. But, on an unfortunate note, it seems that after intense hard work of weeks and months, the company website still does not show up on the first page.  

Researches have shown 10 simple SEO mistakes done by the companies prevent them from ranking on the first page. You can hire an SEO expert who takes care of the SEO services and strategies of your company. 

The blog will talk of the ten most popular SEO mistakes.

  1. No Use of Analytics 

SEO is used not to generate high traffic only but also for conversion. High-traffic keywords don't need to prove to be successful constantly. Sometimes, low-traffic phrases and keywords convert fast as they are more specific and appropriate. These lower-traffic keywords can rank your website on the first page, but it needs regular tracking.

You can use the analytics to set up conversion for your keywords. You can also compare the keywords with each other to see the functional difference. The use of analytics will help you to know and optimize your site wisely.

  1. No Local Search Optimization

If you target region-specific customers, you must know about local search. Search engines (like Google) work differently for local keywords than they do for global keywords. 

You can use the local keywords in the titles and Meta descriptions throughout all the web pages. You may also add the address and region phone number on the pages to show up the local results. Lastly, you will get yourself listed on locally based sites like Merchant Circle, Google Places, Yelp, etc.

  1. Lack of Right Keywords’ Optimization 

Most of the times, you make the mistake of optimizing the keywords that are not helpful in any way for the higher rank of your company website, like

  • Use of global keywords while offering services to local customers.

  • Use of generic keywords to attract visitors who are not interested in your products.

  • Use of keywords that only bring more visitors, not customers.

  • Use of broad keywords that the SEO experts work on to rank on the first page.

It is better to use specific and proper keywords. Generic keywords may generate traffic for you for a certain period, but not in the long run. Specific keywords lead to qualified traffic. You should use more optimized keywords for quick progress. It would help if you keep an eye on search volume, cost per click, search difficulty, paid difficulty, etc., to get better results.

  1. Absence of Anchor Text in Internal Links

The use of generic links throughout a webpage is not something valuable in an SEO context. You may engage many people to your site for some time, but it costs you the opportunity to use anchor text. 

Anchor text is a basic part of SEO. You should create anchor texts with the use of correct and proper keywords in the link.

  1. Use of Same Anchor Text for All Links 

Again, the mistake business people make is that they start using the exact anchor text for all web page links. Visitors might find it funny, or weird, or even irritating. So, you need to bring in variations like the inclusion of your company's name or a URL. It seems comfortable to the visitors as well as to the search engines. 

  1. Repetitive Titles  and Meta Descriptions

It is a great mistake to use the company name and website in the title of every page. Every page must have a different title, as titles are used when someone bookmarked your site. You can use the company name for every page but with a focus on the specific keywords based on the descriptions. 

Meta descriptions carry great importance. The 160 characters' description conveys the entire idea about your website to the audience, so the description must be attractive and engaging. Every page should have different Meta descriptions rich with relevant keywords. You can use the same website link on different pages with mentioning the chronological numbers for a better understanding of the audiences. 

  1. Focus on Quantity of Link than Quality

 If you expect to get a high volume of links, you need to focus on quality. One link has the power to increase your search engine ranking over thousands of low-quality links, and this is the reason why search engines trust those. You need to emphasize a few factors to retain the quality,

  • Relevant link

  • Less use of outgoing links

  • Avoid using links on adult and gambling sites

  1. Low-quality and Improper Content

You must create high-quality content. The content has to be well-optimized as well. If you try to optimize low-quality content on your site, you may lose the audiences' trust, leading you to a great downfall.

You can hire content developers who produce genuine and unique contents. This outsourcing will cost you money but also results in better conversion and ROI. 

  1. Lack of Worthy Link Content

It is a bitter reality that often, the most quality content does not get links. Therefore, you need to make the content special with video, infographics and texts to appeal to the visitors.

  1.  No Use of Designs for Links 

You can link your website with the best designs. You can ask other design sites to add your website to their list for more traffic. If you have an innovative design, submit them to a few sites, and get high-quality links.

To conclude,

You must understand that the easier SEO is to implement, the harder it is to master. You have to avoid these minor mistakes to achieve better SEO results. For further questions, you can contact our Digital Infoways expert team.

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