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Best Performing Backend Frameworks in 2021-22

Best Performing Backend Frameworks in 2021-22

It is essential to provide a strong foundation for your software if you want it to last. And selecting the proper backend framework is critical to the software's efficient operation.

 According to one recent research, downtime may cost up to $11,000 per minute for firms that rely significantly on delivering data to consumers on an ongoing basis, such as e-commerce and telecoms corporations.

Yes you read it right!! Let's take a deeper look at the role of backend in software development and what programming languages are used for backend development.

Role of backend development in website development

The server-side of the website is the primary focus of backend development. The backend is made up of three primary components in general.:

  • Database
  • Application
  • Server

Backend enhances the website's functionality on the server-side. Furthermore, the backend developers' programs are utilized to convey the database information to the browser.


But, with so many programming languages to pick from, which one should you use for backend web development...?

Okay, let us tell you – you're required to select a programming language based on various factors such as project needs, learning curve, performance, dependability. Furthermore, you must evaluate the demand and popularity of the specific programming language in the IT industry. Keeping every element in mind, we have compiled a list of backend programming languages that will be crucial in the future of backend development in this post.

Node.js for consistency purposes

There are several different JavaScript frameworks, but Node.js is the dominant player. Node.js even has its integrated development environment (IDE) or runtime environment. This IDE has become one of the reasons why it is popular among developers.

Furthermore, because Node.js is efficient, it is favored for creating high-end apps like website creation and video streaming. Node.js is an asynchronous, non-blocking, single-threaded programming language. This is why Node.js is the most appropriate backend language for real-time applications.

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Because Node.js is a JavaScript-based solution, most backend engineers are already familiar with it. According to development statistics provided in 2019, JavaScript was the most commonly used programming language. If you want to hire Nodejs developers, you won't have to work too hard or for too long.

When migrating to the backend, developers may take advantage of all the advantages of JavaScript programming. Node.js is one of the most significant backend programming languages because of its dynamic developer community. Furthermore, the active developer community contributes to the language's growth.

Reasons for using Node.js

  • It allows for the rapid development of real-time, high-traffic apps (eg. chats or gaming)
  • It allows you to code in JavaScript on both the client and server sides,
  • It increases efficiency by bridging the gap between frontend and backend developers.
  • The ever-expanding NPM (Node Package Manager) provides developers with many tools and modules to utilize, increasing productivity.
  • Code executes quicker than in any other language.
  •  Node is ideal for microservices, which are a popular option among business apps.

Python for high-level dynamics

Python is a full-fledged, high-level, object-oriented programming language. It has a plethora of libraries, APIs, and auxiliary tools because it has been around for over 30 years. Python is well-suited to a variety of programming paradigms and is widely utilized in commercial applications.

It has a large community, libraries, and supporting platforms. As a result, it is an excellent programming language for most organizations that create applications for various and frequently unrelated use cases. Python has been the top backend language in almost every industry vertical, merely starting with the programming skills for the past few years.

Reasons for using Python

  • The easy syntax makes it easy to learn, read, and use.
  •  They are widely used for software development, web development, and trending technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science.
  • Rich library support, more straightforward integration with other languages, automated garbage collection, GUI support.
  • Django, Flask, Pyramid, and other popular Python frameworks assist in making things more efficient and convenient.

PHP for creating immaculate websites and apps

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server-side scripting language, which implies that programs developed in it run on web servers rather than in web browsers. PHP has built-in website creation features, and it encourages quick website creation by simplifying it with a simple structure. The developers may add the app's functionality without the need to write sophisticated and long code.

This backend programming language enables PHP developers to interact with a variety of relational databases. Furthermore, PHP simplifies typical web development chores such as session management, URL mapping, caching. Its built-in security measures protect the website from attacks.     

Reasons for using PHP:

  • the improved loading speed of websites.
  • More featured for database connectivity.
  • an extensive collection of open sources add-ons.
  • Reduced cost of website hosting.
  • excellent flexibility and combinability.
  • various benefits provided by cloud solutions.

Popular Companies globally that have adopted frameworks

Popular websites that use Node.js

  • Uber
  • Medium
  • Walmart
  • GoDaddy

Popular websites that use PHP

  • WordPress
  • Wikipedia
  • MailChimp
  • Etsy
  • Slack

Popular websites that use Python

  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Uber

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How to choose which Backend framework is suitable for your business when it's Node.js vs. Python vs. PHP?

Node.js is best suitable for:

Node.js offers more extraordinary performance and speed. It is also helpful in developing e-commerce sites and heavy-load applications that depend on the speed of processing.

  • Real-time web applications
  • Streaming applications
  • Messaging apps
  • Chat programs
  • Social media apps
  • Virtual emulators
  • Multiplayer games
  • Collaboration tools
  • API

PHP is best suitable for

PHP offers Database Integration Supports many databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, etc. PHP is used for server-side scripting and web development.

  • database-related software solutions
  • online communities
  • content-based web pages (news sites and blogs)
  • enterprise-specific software (CRM solution, CMS)
  • e-commerce software solutions
  • social networking websites
  • one of the best options for dynamic websites (together with Java, Python, .Net).

Python is best suitable for:

Python features consistency, stability, and ease of use. It is highly preferred for developing government projects, scientific applications, and big data solutions.

  • AI and machine learning
  • Data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Programming applications
  • Web Development
  • Game Development

So, after a thorough analysis, I am sure you have gotten an idea. If your development is in the hands of the right team, you can always be confident; they will use their experience to overcome the drawbacks of these frameworks. All you have to do is contact India's best software development firm, and you'll have a great application.

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Bottom Lines

Every programming language has advantages and disadvantages, and which language is ideal for you is entirely based on your demands and budget. The backend programming languages and frameworks listed above are at the cutting edge of the development industry, and you may utilize any of them for your enterprise-level projects.

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