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AC Duct cleaning In Dubai

AC Duct cleaning In Dubai

Duct cleaning has become very famous in the previous years. With the development of commercial purposes everywhere but one thing that no one knows is if it is beneficial for us or not. Here is some information shared with everyone who wants to know about the usefulness and importance of duct cleaning.

Professional Duct Cleaning

 These specialized cleaning services use vacuum, and brushes which are used to clean the intake, supply and return the ducts to your home. The cleaning of duct also involves the complete cleaning grilles, registers, motors, fans, coils and air handlers. There is no official research about it being the fact that it is useful or not. And there is no proof that routine cleaning of duct improves the quality of air or reduces the dust particles. But it is so obvious that the dust and clogs will decrease the efficiency of your HVAC unit. When only the duct is cleaned might not look very useful then the complete cleaning of the unit and duct work will definitely be useful.

2. Should the ducts be cleaned:

Because there are many cases of air causing different health problems in our lives it is very easy for us to convince people that how necessary duct cleaning actually is. But if we be honest then there is no logic in cleaning the ducts if they are not very dirty. Services like AC duct cleaning Dubai can help you understand this logic better and will make sure that you do not fall into any types of scam. There are many different services that tell you the importance and usefulness of duct cleaning like Rehan services etc. If we do the cleaning properly then it Would not hurt anybody but cleaning it is not a part of necessities. There are some points when you need to have the duct cleaned which are stated below:

? Renovation:

 On the off chance that your home has been remodeled particularly in case there was asbestos decrease, lead paint expulsion, or noteworthy clean – your ductwork may not have to be cleaned. Ducts ought to be sealed off during home remodels; but in case they weren’t, unsafe clean and debris might become lodged into the house.

? Animals:

If you find out there are any birds or animals who have created nests in the ducts then you definitely have to get your ducts cleaned. First remove the animals from inside then wash the ducts.

? Mold:

 If you see there is any growth of the molds inside the ducts then it definitely needs to be cleaned properly otherwise it will have a dirty air flowing out which can cause different health hazards for you.

? Contaminants:

 If you find out that the air coming out has anything life animals’ fur, dust, odors or any other contaminants then you should check the ducts and clean them.

? Illness:

If any of your house members is having some allergic reactions but you have eliminated all other factors and the allergy is not getting better then you should check the duct and if find out anything then clean the ducts properly.

? How to clean the ducts?

 Following are the steps of cleaning the ducts:

? Clean the furnace:

After you have tested the complete system then disconnect the power before you open the unit for safety purposes. Then there is a vacuum inside the duct that needs to be cleaned. Then the cooling coils are cleaned then a coil and at the end clean the blower.

? Clean the supply:

The filters are then taken out, washed properly and rinsed.

? Return ducts:

 After the filters the returns ducts are cleaned properly.

? Duct cleaning at home:

There are some simple steps that are taken to clean the ducts at home:

? Supply registers:

 Start the procedure by covering up the supply registers with the paper towels. This is to keep your home safe from getting the dust that is already present in the ducts. You will simply lift up the register then cover it completely with the paper towel and replace it.

? Turn on the fan:

Turning on the fan while you are cleaning the ducts is just as important as cleaning the ducts because it will help you get rid of all the dust that is coming out of the ducts. Set the thermostat on the fan because the fan inside will help in getting the dust out. If you cannot put it on fan mode then switch on the heat mode.

? Filters:

 Make sure the filters are on the place so you do not get yourself into any kind of trouble.

? Loosen dust in ducts:

 Knock lose any dust that is built up in the ducts. Just hold the brush from its handle and tap on the ductwork that is easily accessible for you to tap in the basement. By tapping if there is any type of dust that is stuck inside will fall out and help you get rid of all types of dust.

? Supply registers:

Presently you would not be able to begin clearing out the dust in your supply registers. With the vacuum running and the end of the hose close to the register, lift up the register. Utilize the hose to capture any dust that was not being pushed out by the fan, and continue to clear as distant into the register piping as your hose can easily reach. Utilize your brush to scrape free any built-up dust within the register. As you go through the house clearing out the supply registers, you can expel and arrange the paper towels you have put into the place.

? Shut off fan:

The fan here should be shut down at the thermostat and the furnace must be powered off through the switch.

? Blower:

 When you power off the unit you can then take out the filters and reach the blower easily. Use the vacuum to clean the blower completely and take out all the dust that is remaining. Blower is the part where the major clog of dust will be present and immediately needs to be cleaned.

? Replace the filter:

At the end if your filter is not yet working properly even after all the cleaning then just go and replace the filters.

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Malik Nabeel

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