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6 Best Software for iPhone Data Recovery

6 Best Software for iPhone Data Recovery

Apple is very much concerned about its device user’s data, that is why there is no facility of external storage, not only in the iPhone but also in other iOS devices. But, in some situations, the data in the internal storage also faces the possibility of data loss. That is why for the iPhone data recovery, you have to get an application that will retrieve all the lost data. 

Selecting any random application will be beneficial for you. A few applications can contain malware that has the highest possibility to harm your computer. All you have to do is to go through and read all the details of the software capabilities. Only after that, select your desired application. 

Causes of the Data Loss 

The data loss in your iPhone can occur due to many reasons. While accessing the internet, you can unknowingly click on any website that contains a virus. After entering your device, it can forcefully delete the files present in it. On the other hand, you also can accidentally delete the files from your device. In the case of physical damage, the situation is a bit different. Obviously, you will not damage your phone intentionally, but accidents can happen.

The Best Data Recovery Applications

There are some of the best iPhone data recovery applications easily available. You have to download and install the application in order to start the process. Furthermore, always try to use the original lightning USB cable for uninterrupted connection. 

1. Tenorshare 

People are using and also very much pleased by using this software for the data recovery process of your iPhone. The application is fast, lightweight and easy to use. If you have lost your data due to situations like- a broken screen, jailbreak, device malfunction by water, attack by the virus, and others. You will be able to retrieve most of the multimedia items with the help of this software. 

2. Wondershare Data Recovery 

The iPhone data recovery experts say that Wondershare is one of the ultimate data recovery solutions. This application is available for multiple platforms like Windows, Macintosh Android, and iOS devices. Just install the application and open it. You will be able to see the “Recover Data” option. 

Make sure that your phone has a connection with the system. Click on the option and wait for the application to retrieve all the data. Wondershare also has a free version. If you like it, then buy the paid/full version. 

3. Enigma Digital 

Enigma Digital is one of the ideal software for you regarding the iPhone data recovery. Apart from recovering the deleted data, you can also extract the existing data from the device. In addition to that, it also retrieves lost data from iTunes or iCloud. 

The applications are easily compatible with older iPhones and the latest ones too. Most probably, the developers are planning to upgrade the software for the latest iPhone models. Apart from recovering the data, you will be able to transfer data from the phone to the computer and vice-versa. 

4. iMobie Phone Rescue

Along with the recovery of multimedia data, you can also recover messages, memos, notes, and others with the help of this application. It also supports two OS versions- one is the Windows and the other is the Macintosh. For most iOS devices including the iPhone, this application has the ability to recover all the lost data. 

There are three main methods for data retrieval- they are like Direct, iTunes, and iCloud. The application retrieves messages, notes and other text documents in the HTML format. It will be much helpful and easier for you to open and read it. In addition to that, you can also copy them to clipboard and save it. 

5. Fonepaw

Fonepaw is also one of the best applications for iPhone data recovery. Most of the well-known software companies use this application to recover their lost data from their iPhones, as well as Macintosh computers. Not only does the software help you to retrieve all the lost data, but also helps you in backing up the lost data in iTunes and iCloud. 

6. iMyFone D Back 

Another top-notch quality application, it has the ability to recover lost data, and also retrieve the destroyed data. The support of the latest iOS and also the new models of the iPhone is also there. As usual, the backup facility is available. The recovery process is easy to perform as the user-interface is also easy to understand. After the successful recovery of data, you go through all the data that has been recovered by the software. After that, select your choice to download it to your computer. 


Most of the experts suggest that you must not download the application from an unsecured website. Every well-known data recovery software has its official website. You must download it from there. Moreover, when you are planning to upgrade the trial version, make sure that you have security software installed in your computer. Always try to use the sandbox for monetary transactions. Pay, download the full version and enjoy all the features of the software.

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