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5 Speed Optimization Steps WordPress

5 Speed Optimization Steps WordPress

This is the technological era, and every day the attention of the people is declining. The load time should therefore be as fast as possible for the website. Apart from increasing conversions, speed optimization can also offer many SEO advantages.

According to research by Google, 53% of online search providers click if they can't load a website within 3 seconds. And statistics show that the average load of websites on 3G devices is 19 seconds. In this article, we will discuss 5 steps you can take to optimise your WordPress website speed.

1. Choose a Web-Host reliable

You should first of all have a strong basis, so you should go with a reliable web host. If you have a slow web host, having a WordPress site is not enough. No tricks and configurations will work without a fast and reliable web hosting service.

When you enter the site URL, the web pages are downloaded from the webserver by your device. You can download the pages you need much quicker with a quick server. So choosing the best web host is very important.

However, it must be remembered that the speed of the best web hosting firm is not the only feature. In addition to speed, the service provider should ensure that you receive the best possible customer support. If you have an eCommerce website, it is much more important to optimise your website quickly.

You may want to take into account another important thing when hiring a Web host's services is the website backup. This is an important step if you want to maximise your efforts in speed optimisation. You can be sure that you will receive your data back even if your server collapses with a reliable backup system. You can use the relevant plugins if you wish to create a backup of your website.

There are many web hosting providers for you to choose from. However, you can also manage a common hosting service if you're just starting. Your server is shared with a number of websites in this case.

Shared hosting is the best choice for you if you're looking for a budget. However, with increasing traffic on your website, you might want to book more for an improved web hosting service like a dedicated host. As your website traffic is provided, you also can select a private server. From the security perspective, this is also important.

Make sure the services of a specialised web host are available. After all, you don't want more than you could afford to spend.

2. Opt for the right theme for WordPress

The topic is another important factor in optimising website speeds. Your website will take ages to load if you pick the wrong subject. The performance of your website will be negatively affected.

Maybe you want to choose those quick-optimized WordPress themes. Knowing that good themes are designed for speed is important. Your design is simultaneously very simple, which is important to businesses today.

The good news is that WordPress themes can be easily adapted. The credit goes to many widgets and plugins integrated. Besides, these themes are mobile, which in terms of rankings is important.

Most users now navigate the internet on mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices.

3. Try the Paid Plugin Cache: WP Rocket.

You can load your website much faster with the right type of caching plugin. The WP rocket is one of the most popular plugins WordPress development rates Pakistan. This plug-in offers many features, such as GZIP compression, browser cache, CDN, compatibility with Cloudflare, etc.

The required content is sent to the server closest to the requesting device. And the load times are reduced. That is because the user's distance from the server which stores the web page is reduced by the plugin itself.

You can enjoy many features with WP rockets, which means that you do not have to buy additional plugins to achieve the same goal. As a rule, if you use less plugins it is even better.

You should use their specific white label option to eliminate all references to the plugin if you are a developer and manage an agency which serves a lot of clients.

Although you must pay for the plugin, the amount you spend on it is worth every penny. You may want to try this again, therefore. As far as speed is concerned, you will have great results.

4. CDN usage.

Another important factor that can influence the loading times of your website is your server location. The closer your server to the visitor of the Website, the faster the loading times.

If you are, however, attracting visitors from all over the world, you can try out CDN, a popular network for the distribution of content. You can accelerate the page load times with this system.

In fact, many servers are part of the CDN. This system stores the static files made up of your website. Unlike other files, these files do not change. For example, JavaScript, CSS, and images are the examples.

The most popular tools available for various websites are Cloudflare. You can also take a trip to Cloudflare.

5. Make sure your latest PHP version is available.

PHP 7.2 is PHP's latest release. In November 2017, it was released some years ago. Your web host needs PHP 7.2 or later, especially if you want your website to work properly, in accordance with Word Press requirements. WordPress announced earlier that PHP 7.0 at least needs to be supported on websites.


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Rick Mark
Rick Mark

Rick Mark is a digital marketing expert with a core focus on helping raw talent fined the right careers. He is associated with Starlinks - A web design agency in Auckland and Hamilton.

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