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5 Handy Expanding File Folders That You Need to Use in Organizing Your Documents

5 Handy Expanding File Folders That You Need to Use in Organizing Your Documents

People can use file folders to keep their essential documents secured and organized. This type of file organizer has pockets to make transporting, storing, and managing tons of files much more comfortable and less effort. 

You can control where your document goes by using an expanding folder with flaps or a convenient desktop organizer for your files to have more security. When you choose the right expanding file folder for you, you need to ensure that the file organizer is durable enough to last more years to come.  With that, here are the handy expanding file folders that you need to use in organizing your documents.

AmazonBasics Expanding Organizer File Folder

The first expanding file folder that you need to add to your list is this one from AmazonBasics. It’s perfect to use anywhere, and this file folder will make it easy for anyone to organize and secure their files. Using it can store essential documents and papers in a tidy, organized, sorted manner with this folder’s multiple sections.

Free from PVC and acid, it is a great all-around file organizer for long-lasting and secure storage. There’s no need to look for another expanding file folder because it can provide the organization and safety you need.

Smead Poly Expanding File Folder

Whether you’re in a rush or need an extra shelf or desk filing, this file organizer should be the one you should try. Every folder offers an embossed and unique pattern to make it look more stylish and professional. 

You are also assured that your documents are safe because the file folder is water-resistant and includes protective cover flaps and white-colored tab inserts that you can customize. It is also tear-proof and can be placed right on your desk for you to access the contents quickly.

Five Star Expanding File, 7 Pocket Expandable File Folder

This file organizer can help you organize and sort your reports, notes, assignments, and other files without any problem with its multiple pockets. You can easily find your school papers because of its tabs that are easy to pull up and show you where and what’s filed inside. 

In addition to that, the separate tabs are pretty visible because of its transparent cover. You can also use the visible front pocket and display your selfies, artwork, and other important documents for easy access.

Fireproof Expanding File Folder With Zipper

This expanding document folder is made to be high-temperature, water, and fire-resistant. Compared to some fireproof folders, this one features a unique dual-zipper design, and it comes with portable hand straps.

The design enables you to neatly store documents and quickly carry essentials things wherever your destination is. In addition to that, the A-Z label will allow you to organize your documents with minimal effort, and there will be no hassle in digging or searching for your essential documents.

TOYANDONA Small Expanding File Folder

With 13 handy and expandable pockets, the Toyandona expanding file folder offers a significant storage capacity to store your documents. Because of its exquisite and practical design, it should be the file organizer you should use to keep essential bills, certificates, cards, documents, files, and other papers in a single place.

It’s pretty easy to close and open with a bungee closure tab. It’s perfect for both casual and professional usage.


There are times that we need to keep our important documents somewhere safe or bring them with us anywhere we go. If you want to avoid your files to be burned, wet, and torn easily, you need to start using expanding file folders and keep them secure. Use this guide to know what type of file organizer you will use and safely store your essential papers.

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