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20 Amazing OS X El Capitan Tips and Apps

20 Amazing OS X El Capitan Tips and Apps

OS X El Capitan is Apple’s first-class Mac operating machine and it comes with so many features it’s difficult to do not forget them all. We’ve all visible the ordinary list of cool apps or hidden guidelines and features. However, if a person digs deeper, they can find some first-rate suggestions and apps a good way to help OS X El Capitan run better, work quicker or smarter and make us more efficient. Here’s our list of 25 super OS X El Capitan guidelines and apps.

Amazing OS X Tips

We’ll begin with recommendations for the reason that they work with out downloading or shopping for any apps.

3 Ways to Access System Preferences

Users need to regularly get entry to their System preferences to regulate things like screen settings and sound. Apple gives unique approaches to get to System Preferences. The app icons looks as if a black and grey gear and sits by way of default on the OS X Dock towards the right aspect. It includes a variety of settings users can change. First, to fast get to it, double-click on the icon and the app launches. However, there’s a 2d faster manner to get to a selected section internal System Preferences. Click and preserve on the icon and a menu pops up list all the System Preferences sections. Click one to open it. A 1/3 way to open System Preferences exists. Click the Apple icon inside the menu bar at the pinnacle left of the OS X El Capitan display. Then click on System Preferences to open the app.

Combine PDFs in Preview
I actually have a multi-characteristic printer in an effort to experiment one facet of paper at a time, however I actually have a e-book that I want to test so I can study it in PDF layout on my iPad in place of bodily paper form. I took the e-book down to my neighborhood workplace keep and had them cut off the binding. I don’t care approximately destroying the book. Then I scanned the pages to a PDF report the usage of my multi-feature printer. Unfortunately, this created two PDF documents, one for the strange pages within the e-book and one for the even pages.

A easy way to combine PDF files makes use of the Preview app in OS X El Capitan. Open both PDF files and set up them on-display screen so you can see both. Then make sure the report’s thumbnails show as much as the left of the file. Preview opens this manner by means of default, but in case you don’t see them click on on View and then Thumbnails or use the keyboard shortcut COMMAND+OPTION+2.

You’re ready to begin copying the pages from one PDF report to the alternative. Grab page 2 from one record and drag it over and area it simply beneath page 1 from the opposite file (see above). Keep doing this until all of the pages are in place. Check the pages to make certain you well arranged them inside the right order.

Speak OS X El Capitan Device Serial Number

Have you ever needed to write your serial quantity down or inform Apple Care assist what it is at the same time as on the cellphone with them? Maybe you want to type it into an eBay public sale to sell it. Instead of looking up and down time and again, go to the Apple menu in the higher left corner and click on at the icon. Choose About This Mac. You’ll see it there within the ensuing window or you could click on on System Report… and then File and Speak Serial Number. You also can use COMMAND + four at the same time as the System Report home windows is lively.

Use the OS X El Capitan Split Screen Mode

A new function in OS X El Capitan known as Split Screen will assist customers arrange  windows on the display at one time, similar to Windows started out doing a long time ago. To use it, click and preserve on the green dot in the top left nook of supported apps and packages. Half the display screen will turn a special colour, as visible above. Drag the window to that side or the alternative side relying on where you want to put it. Let pass and it will offer to position another open app within the other facet. If you permit go of the inexperienced dot after which click on again the app window you held with the inexperienced dot, that window will fill the display screen instead of simply the 1/2 you dragged it to.

Go Full Screen with an Application Window
Using the end above, drag the green dot inside the top left corner of a Window to place it in one 1/2 of the display screen. Instead of clicking a 2d app to fill the alternative, simply click on on the primary app window once more and it's going to fill the complete display screen.

Alternatively, the user can drag from the top edge of an open Window that’s no longer in fullscreen mode and drag it up to the top middle of the display. This indicates the Desktop organizer in El Capitan. Drag the Window’s thumbnail to any of the displaying Desktop thumbnails. This will positioned the Window into 1/2 display screen mode with any app on that Desktop. Or drag the thumbnail to the plus icon on the a long way right to create a new Desktop. This will placed that app window in full-screen mode via itself.

There’s a higher way to position apps in complete-display mode or break up display screen mode the use of an app known as BetterSnapTool. See the top approximately that app under.

Use Tabs in Finder for Faster File Browsing
Apple added a brand new function in Finder for quicker record surfing. We nonetheless want twin pane view in Finder, however you may get that with a tremendous app (see Commander One under). Until Apple provides dual panes, we will use multiple tabs to open a few folders and paintings with them in Finder on the equal time.

To open a new tab, use considered one of 3 strategies.

  • Use menus – Click on File after which New Tab
  • Keyboard shortcut – COMMAND + T
  • Right-click – use your mouse or trackpad to right-click on a folder and choose Open in New Tab

Once you open a few tabs, you can reopen the Finder window by clicking on the Finder icon on the Dock and all of the tabs will nonetheless display up unless you close them for my part.

Take Control of the OS X Dock
The default OS X Dock indicates quite a few the built-in packages. It additionally consists of a pair of folders for Downloads and the Trash on the proper end. A lot of users don’t use all of the integrated apps and do use hooked up software as an alternative.

To get rid of apps from the Dock, drag the icon to the Trash icon. Another manner is to proper-click on the icons and pick Options and Remove from Dock.

Now, open the Settings for the Dock from inner System Preferences the usage of the steps above.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.50.06 AM

Change the Dock by the usage of the settings in this conversation container to set matters up the manner you pick.

  • Size – drag the slider to make it smaller or bigger relying on your alternatives.
  • Magnification – placed a check mark inside the check box and then exchange the dimensions of the magnification, which controls how large the icons grow to whilst you mouse over the Dock.
  • Position on display – some people choose to placed their Dock at the left or proper in place of the bottom, that's the default.
  • Minimize home windows using: – this adjustments the way open home windows transition right down to the Dock. This is an animation and the alternatives are as follows:
  • Genie impact – the lower part of the window shrinks first and flows down into the Dock icon.
  • Scale impact – the home windows shrinks down into the Dock icon.
  • Double-click on a window’s identify bar – controls what occurs when you double-click the window menu bar on the identify. Click the drop down field to choose your preference with options listed under:
  • Minimize – disappears to the Dock.
  • Zoom – fills the display screen or shrinks all the way down to preceding size before maximizing it.
  • Minimize windows into software icon – test this and in preference to placing a brand new icon subsequent to the trash icon on the Dock, the window minimizes down into the app’s Dock icon and you’ll ought to click on and maintain on the Dock icon to peer the app’s windows open.
  • Animate opening applications – turns on/off the bouncing icon animation while you click an app icon to open it.
  • Automatically conceal and show the Dock – you may hide the dock and best show it when you mouse down or over to the brink of the display screen.
  • Show signs for open applications – indicates a black circle under an app icon to reveal that it’s open (see underneath).

Add an Applications Menu to Dock
Windows customers transferring to Mac may lengthy for the day of the Start menu which holds all of the application icons prepared for customers to click on to begin the app. You can create a menu like this on the Mac Dock too.

Open Finder and search for the Applications folder under your default consumer’s domestic folder. Drag that folder on your Dock. You can’t put it at the left quit mimicking in which a Start menu on Windows shows up. I positioned it first in the segment sharing space with the trash can as seen beneath.

Customize what the folder looks like. To make it work like a Windows Start menu, proper-click the folder and pick the subsequent settings inside the menu that pops up.

  • Sort by Name
  • Display as either Folder or Stack. I select Folder in preference to Stack which looks as if a stack of app icons because it seems purifier
  • View content material as a List, which makes it more like  the Windows Start menu.

To make it look like the screenshot above, select View content material as Grid.

Restore the Default OS X Dock
To cross returned to the default OS X Dock, open Terminal and enter the following command via copying it from here and pasting it into Terminal. Then press Enter to execute it.

defaults delete; killall Dock

This will result in the subsequent in OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Amazing OS X Apps
Next we could take a look at some great OS X El Capitan apps. Many of those may paintings on older variations of OS X.

BetterSnapTool ($2.99) does a better activity of snapping windows into area than the brand new Split Screen Mode feature in OS X. The new Split Screen Mode doesn’t do as much as BetterSnapTool either and it’s more difficult to use (see above the way to use it). BetterSnapTool works quicker and extra fast, however doesn’t work as well with multiple computers like the integrated device. If you don’t use that function and don’t mind paying a few bucks, get BetterSnapTool alternatively. It’s well well worth the price for the better features.

With the app, drag a window to 1 side of the screen or the opposite to put it in that half of. Drag it to the pinnacle of the display to fill the screen, but not pass into complete screen mode. This way the Dock and Menubar of OS X nevertheless show up in case you want them to. Users also can alternate settings on a per app basis. The app does plenty more than this, so go test it out.

Commander One

We noted Finder tabs above, but a Finder alternative like Commander One (Free to try, $29.95 for Pro) will permit you to do twin-pane surfing of your Mac documents. We reviewed every other alternative referred to as Forklift in advance which expenses $10 less but doesn’t offer as many functions.

Parallels Access
Back to My Mac works k for faraway get entry to to a Mac, however it’s not as flexible as some thing like Parallels Access ($19.99/yr), which lately up to date their software. The software installs on the Mac and a consumer software installs on an iPad or iPhone to give users faraway get entry to to their apps mounted on a Mac via tablet or smartphone.

The above video shows it working on Android. It also works on Windows and their recent update makes it a effective tool for folks who need to attain their Windows applications in a browser or on their mobile iOS app.

Fantastical 2
Fantastical 2 is famous amongst Mac users. However, some may marvel if it’s nevertheless really worth the rate now that the agency prices a whopping $50 for the Mac version? Yes and no.

People who bought the antique version of Fantastical for a long way much less and commenced using it understand how useful the app is. It sits in the Menubar on a Mac and also you click it to enter a brand new appointment the use of natural language. It’s a lot easier than the built-in Mac Calendar app. The app interfaces with the integrated Calendar so that you don’t have to choose between the two. Use Fantastical for quick access of appointments and to speedy see your day’s duties and time table. Use the larger Calendar whilst you need a huge display screen version of your calendar.

However, folks who very own the old model won’t locate enough new to upgrade. Since it’s no longer to be had, new customers will want to shop for the new edition. I wish it fee approximately half of of the $50 fee, but I also gained’t do with out it to any extent further.

To discover what documents and folders hog your Mac OS X drive, use a software like DaisyDisk ($nine.Ninety nine). The application scans the SSD or Hard Drive to find all the documents and indicates the folders length in a pie chart with colorings to without problems see what’s gobbling up all of the space.

See what’s cluttering up a Mac difficult pressure the usage of DaisyDisk.

When the consumer reveals folders or files taking up an excessive amount of space, they are able to archive them or flow them to loose up space. To “accumulate” the documents drag them to the circle in the decrease left corner. Then after accumulating the documents and folders you can select what to do with them.

Reflector 2
The maximum effective manner to show your iPhone or iPad in your Mac is by using using Reflector 2 ($14.Ninety nine). Why might you need to try this? To movement from a mobile device to a computer that’s mounted to a TV, Monitor or Projector.

Reflector 2 now not only works with iOS, however also with Android. On Android it makes use of the Google Cast Receiver characteristic. Right now there’s a moderate computer virus that continues some Android telephones from working nicely. You see the screen, however it continues showing as “connecting” as inside the picture below.

If you’re using iOS, you can employ the app and it works nicely. It turns your Mac into something like an Apple TV for display screen sharing.

Nik Collection from Google
Photographers used to use the Nik Software for professional picture editing. Google offered the agency and reduced the price, but then recently made the tools unfastened. Hurry up and get them because we don’t understand how lengthy they’ll hold presenting those fantastic photography plugins.

The protected tools are like filters in Instagram, but they do a long way more and execs swear by using them. They sharpen photos or turn them into HDR pics. Users can also get high-quality black and white snap shots.

Some Mac app developers don’t do a terrific activity of coding their apps. This results in stuff getting left when you drag the app icon from the Applications folder into the trash or proper-click it and delete it. That’s speculated to do away with the whole lot at the pc, but it doesn’t. AppCleaner is a unfastened software that effectively cleans up apps. Instead of dragging to the trash can, drag the app icon to the AppCleaner window.

The animated GIF above indicates how to pull the icon onto AppCleaner. After you try this, it will show a list of all that AppCleaner will delete (see under).

I used GIPHY CAPTURE to create the above lively GIF documents. It creates lively GIFs from the display screen of the Mac. It’s like display capture software program best it makes lively GIFs in place of a JPG or PNG record.

Open the app and location the translucent window over what you want to capture. Press the record button and do what you want included inside the lively GIF. Then keep it on your Mac or upload it on-line. It’s unfastened and easy to apply.

The final suggestion isn’t an app, but a website that converts YouTube videos into MP3 documents. I use Convert2MP3.Com to covert my podcast. Copy the YouTube video URL to page’s box and hit Convert and it'll begin to rip simply the audio and flip it into an MP3 report with decent exceptional sound. After hitting convert, it suggests another web page that even provides more than one primary ID3 tags.

If you don’t want to make MP3 documents click the drop down menu and pick out M4A, AAC and others. It additionally turns motion pictures into MP4, AVI or WMV documents.

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