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10 Reasons To Choose AngularJS For Web Development

10 Reasons To Choose AngularJS For Web Development

In this digital era, an online presence is a must if you have a business. It is because the mobile industry has revolutionized the technological world with smartphones in the hands of individuals. Therefore, you need to have a website, at least, whereas a web app or mobile app will be a plus if you want to grow your business in this competitive world.

Suppose you are not available online and looking to mark your presence with web app development. AngularJS web development is the well-suited option to roll out your website, web app, or mobile app in the market. AngularJS is one of the most preferred technologies from developers. And the web app development using AngularJS frameworks simplifies development and delivers an appealing and engaging product within less time.

Other than this, there are several other reasons to hire AngularJS developers or outsource web app projects to renowned AngularJS web development companies across the globe. Try to choose the best option considering your project requirements and budget.

Here in this blog, we will cover those crucial reasons that advocate AngularJS for web development. But before delving into the reasons directly, we get to know about the AngularJS framework first.

What is AngularJS? 

AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework from Google. Google released it in the year 2010, and within ten years' time span, the development framework managed to find a place among the top web development frameworks used by developers.

AngularJS comes packed with a wide range of outstanding features that enables developers to easily construct attractive and engaging web apps for their clients by simplifying the development process.

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In addition to this, AngularJS is relatively easier to integrate with other frameworks if required. Simultaneously, its open-source environment makes developers able to address the issues associated with web app development efficiently.

Top industries that are effectively using AngularJS for web development include computer electronics, arts, entertainment, news & media, finance, and others.

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10 Reasons why should you choose AngularJS for web development

Here in this section, you will get to know the top 10 reasons that advocate using the AngularJS framework for web development. Let’s start with

Amazing User-Interface:

Using AngularJS for web development, developers can easily create interactive user-interface. Not even this, the development framework turns down web development light-weight and user-friendly. That’s why AngularJS is one of the most loved JavaScript frameworks among developers for web development.

Easy to Use:

AngularJS is an easy to use framework which enables developers to save lots of time and effort. The platform does not require much coding as compared to other frameworks for web app development. In addition to this, the framework’s MVC architecture approach eliminates the need for developers’ working on getter and setter functions to apply data models.

Less Coding:

AngularJS requires less coding due to which developers save from investing in lots of efforts and time to craft code. Also, the use of HTML and JavaScript makes web design a more straightforward and responsive affair.

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MVC and MVVM Architecture Integration:

Web development with AngularJS utilizes MVC architecture. This allows for splitting apps. It became much more manageable for AngularJS web app development companies to build interactive and robust web apps within less time and deliver on time.

In addition to this, there is a facility for integrating the model-view-controller architecture and model-view-view-model architecture in AngularJS. This enables splitting apps into three parts. One for data management, another for data viewing, while the last one acts as a bridge between model and view.

Two-way Binding:

Two-way data binding is an outstanding feature of AngularJS. It enables developers to see the changes made to the user interface immediately in the app interface, due to which coding becomes relatively more straightforward and saves lots of time.

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Support for Single Page Applications:

AngularJS supports several SPA features, making the development and management process of online forms simpler for developers. Also, using AngularJS in a single-page application provides developers with more authority than validation abilities.

Whenever a page uses forms, the FormController writes down their states. Using this data, developers can easily change the behaviour of the HTML elements in the user interface. This facility of AngularJS enables developers to finish the entire process comfortably.

Large Community Support:

AngularJS enjoys massive community support. The community full of developers always remains ready to support others addressing their issues during front-end development. Developers can share their development-related problems over Q&A forums and get replies or suggestions from expert community developers. Other than this, they can get aware of the industry's advancements through community conducted conferences and hackathons.

Custom Directives:

AngularJS uses HTML as its pattern language that gets improved with the use of directives. These directives kept the necessary behavior that is transferred to the code information.

Other than the offered set of inbuilt directives, developers have leniency of creating custom HTML directives as per their needs.

Directives support developers focusing on developing logic so that they become more efficient. Also, the reusability of directives enhances code readability in web development.

High in Performance:

The web apps developed using AngularJS are feature-rich and attractive offerings and relatively high in performance. The availability of some exclusive and powerful features in the AngularJS web development framework makes it possible to develop robust and scalable web apps within less time.

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Other than this, the development framework’s IDEs, which are comparatively better than other frameworks, make developers track errors seamlessly. Whereas, the Common Line Interface (CLI) allows developers to create web apps and attach components much faster, which results in faster development of web applications.

In-built Testing:

Testing is one of the most essential and inevitable processes for any software development project. It ensures the success of your product in the market. AngularJS comes packed with a unit testing setup that enables developers to find errors and code defects easily. This helps in completing the project within the less time required.


These are some of the reasons which advocate the use of AngularJS for web app development. Suppose you are looking to develop web apps for your business. You can consider AngularJS web app development for your project. Created and maintained by Google, the development framework enjoys immense community support who are actively working to advance the framework. Also, they remain ready to address developers’ issues encountered during the development process.

Therefore, AngularJS is a better choice for web development. You can hire an AngularJS developer or outsource the project to an AngularJS web app development company, considering your project requirements and budget.

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